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TUXCOIN Pool - Point miners to mining.xpoolx.com:5200 (VARDIFF)

  We are investingating issues in the backend. Your shares and hashrate are safe and we will fix things ASAP.

  • Findblocks disabled, new blocks will currently not show up in the frontend
  • Blockupdate disabled, blocks and transactions confirmations are delayed
  • Payouts disabled, you will not receive any coins to your offline wallet for the time being
  • latest News
    Changes on XpoolX up to May 2018
    posted 05/11/2018 17:01:40 by XpoolXAdmin

    Some changes has been added to XpoolX up to may 2018

    Changes on the server

    • Server migrated to another more powerfull host to prevent downtimes.
    • Added Https for secure connections on the server
    • Added Ticker to btc and usd on all the coins for view earnings in btc and usd. Is located below the confirmed balance.
    • Added global chat tab. It's an in-web chat so you dont need to connect anywhere.

    Pools Added:

    • Verium Pool Added.
    - Minable by: CPU
    Algorithm: Scrypt^2
    Block finder bonus: 1 VRM
    How to connect: https://xpoolx.com/vrmindex.php?page=gettingstarted
    • Yenten Pool Added
    - Minable by: CPU
    Algorithm: YescriptR16
    Block finder bonus: 10YTN
    How to connect: https://xpoolx.com/yenindex.php?page=gettingstarted
    • Raven Pool Added
    - Minable by: CPU & GPU
    Algorithm: X16R
    Block finder bonus: 1000RVN
    How to connect: https://xpoolx.com/ravindex.php?page=gettingstarted

    There is not an exchange for RIC right now, so we recommend to switch Verium (Tradeable in Bittrex, poloniex, etc..) Or Yenten. These are two CPU only minable coins and are profitable as ric for CPU users.

    Anyway we are working on a exchange platform for RIC and it's in testing phase. We need some ric buyers for testing, if you want to be a RIC buyer in XpoolX Exchange please, send mail to info@xpoolx.com

    XpoolX Solo Mining Pool
    posted 10/29/2017 23:41:41 by XpoolXAdmin

    Dear XpoolX Users


    Due the demand of solo mining pools of the users, today XpoolX opens a new Riecoin solomining pool.


    Solo mining pool works like the others pools with the same miner but is more efficient for users who have high end machines. 



    - Improved code to improve stability, payments and less % of rejected shares.

    - Only block shares are processed (6ch shares)

    - Payout directly to your wallet, no need to register.

    - Payouts every minute, you'll receive your reward as soon as the block is confirmed.

    - 5 % Fee. Cheaper than others solo mining pools.Each 6chain share you will get 47.5 RIC


    To connect on XpoolX Solomining pool:


     Xptminer.exe -o mining.xpoolx.com:9999 -t numberOfTrheads - u YOUR_RIC_WALLET ADDRESS -p x


    -o: Mining address, solomining pool is mining.xpoolx.com:9999 normal pool is: mining.xpoolx.com:5000

    -t : This is the number of threads of your computer

    -u : Your wallet address, it can be a exchange wallet address too and it will sent directly to poloniex for example

    -p: password can be any word but not in blank


    In next days we will open a control website but it's nearly useless cause the hashrate shown at the website wont be accurate, solomining pool won't store 4 and 5 ch shares.


    Hope you enjoy it.


    Thanks all for your support.


    XpoolX Admin

    February changes on XpoolX
    posted 02/17/2016 13:01:32 by XpoolXAdmin

    Hi all

    These months i made some changes in xpoolx.com

    Problems fixed:
    - Added more scripts to solve continous DDoS attack on stratum. Now the pool is a little more secure
    Fixed problem on login. These days people was experiencing problems on login getting log out again and again.. it was a cookies problem and it should be fixed now.
    - Problems with database. Sometimes you get problems with time expire on the webpage cause reading on mysql had a problem. It should be fixed now, if not, please email me at infoxpoolx@gmail.com


    - Added Magicoin Pool. You can swith pool click on top at "Current coin mode". All the pools share the same account but not the workers. You need to create it again.
    - Added a Dashcoin Pool. To be gratefull with the new miners on Dash we made a block solver bonus of 5 DASH on first 10 blocks

    Things to fix:

    - Blockchain explorers in magicoin a dashcoin pools
    - Getting started info
    - Webpage mailing

    Submiting unknown errors will be rewarded to the reporter.

    Thanks all for the support on XpoolX.

    BTC: 198DNV6YqGSjffi5SvUdCAKXo4WUbVsmJ5
    RIC: RFxvLfSeEHFxGSG3nDBzdxjbozpotdKYRQ

    25 - 11 - 2015 IMPORTANT NEWS
    posted 11/25/2015 12:49:13 by XpoolXAdmin

    Hi all

    A user is attacking the stratum server. All miners need to change port to 5000 to mitigate the DoS attack. I've blocked some attacking ips but there's a lot and easy to change them

    To completely remove the DoS attack we  need to buy a security router. Please if you can donate something it will be fantastic and next week i can buy it.

    BTC: 198DNV6YqGSjffi5SvUdCAKXo4WUbVsmJ5
    RIC: RFxvLfSeEHFxGSG3nDBzdxjbozpotdKYRQ

    Thanks for your support

    Changes on xpoolx 15-11-2015
    posted 11/15/2015 18:02:44 by XpoolXAdmin


    This weekend i made more improvements to the server.

    - Migrated all server to a more powerfull computer
    - Improved the code on the stratum servers so now it will be faster doing calculations
    - Changes on the website tribute to ypool

    I need some primecoin miners to test the new primecoin pool. The testers will received the entire mined block. Please if you want to be a tester send an email to infoxpoolx@gmail.com

    Thanks to your donations i can buy a new server. Thanks a lot.

    Feel free to donate to continue improving the pool to:

    BTC: 198DNV6YqGSjffi5SvUdCAKXo4WUbVsmJ5
    RIC: RFxvLfSeEHFxGSG3nDBzdxjbozpotdKYRQ

    Thanks for your support

    Changes on xpoolx - 09 - 11 - 2015
    posted 11/09/2015 21:34:47 by XpoolXAdmin


    I made some improvements to the server.

    - 20 internal stratum servers added
    - Now you should connect to 4444, server will spread the workers around the 20 servers
    - Reduced number of invalid shares submites
    - Improves on database importing data.

    When the stratum server runs perfectly i'll start to work on website and primecoin pool

    Now i need to buy a new powerfull system to have 2 crossed system to maintain the stratum server. If you want to donate all the donations will go to improve the performance.

    BTC: 198DNV6YqGSjffi5SvUdCAKXo4WUbVsmJ5
    RIC: RFxvLfSeEHFxGSG3nDBzdxjbozpotdKYRQ

    Thanks for your support

    Welcome to XpoolX
    posted 10/27/2015 23:44:41 by XpoolXAdmin
    PPLNS Payouts, Full Block Rewards Including Tx Fees! 1% Pool Fee

    Connection Information

    Point all your miners to:


    If you have lot hashing power please connect to:
    ./xptminer -m -o xpoolx.com:4444 -u username.worker -p password


    All payouts run every minute



    Miner Source Code


    Block crawlers/explorers:
    - http://chainz.cryptoid.info/ric/ new!

    You can contact admin at: infoxpoolx@gmail.com