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TUXCOIN Pool - Point miners to mining.xpoolx.com:5200 (VARDIFF)

Getting Started Guide

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Riecoin pool: mining.xpoolx.com:5000
Riecoin Solo Mining: mining.xpoolx.com:9999
XpoolX win miner: Download
XptMiner Linux Source: Github
    Usage: Edit .bat file and fill with your params - xptminer -m -o mining.xpoolx.com:5000 -t 8 -u XPOOLXUSERNAME.WORKERNAME -p WORKERPASSWORD

Pttn Riecoin win/linux miner releases: Download
Pttn Riecoin win/linux miner Source: Github
    Usage: Execute file and fill with params: 1.- Pool 2.- mining.xpoolx.com 3.- 5000 4.- Username.worker 5.- workerpass 6.- Number of threads
Magicoin pool: mining.xpoolx.com:4000
Magicoin CPU Miner: Download
    Usage: Edit .bat file and fill with your params - m-minerd -o stratum+tcp://mining.xpoolx.com:4000 -u USERNAME.WORKER -p WORKERPASS -e 100 -t 8